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Van Heusen Franchise India

Van Heusen Franchise India
Category : Clothing Investment: Rs. 30 Lac - Rs. 50 Lac 1500 SQ ft. Sq. Feet

Van Heusen Franchise India

Why open a Van Heusen franchise in India?

Gone are those days when people would buy cloth pieces and head to tailor shops. Branded garments are now ruling all over the market. Fashion franchises in India are growing fast, but they are yet to keep up with the demanding market for branded and stylish wears for both men and women. Opening a garments shop franchise business in India is therefore always a viable idea. 

And when it comes to stylish wear, Van Heusen is hard to beat. Run by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd, it is one of India’s fastest growing branded apparel brands. Van Heusen showroom locations in India now spread over 125 points, and your business could be the next venue. Ever since the inception of Van Heusen in 1990, it has enjoyed unparalleled growth. At present, half of India's population is below 25 or 30 years of age, and the corporate culture is ever growing in India, especially in its urban areas. They form the target customer base for Van Heusen, which strives to cater to the young businesspersons across the country. At present, authorities are looking to expand. Starting a Van Heusen franchise outlet in India, therefore, can be a very profitable business idea.

Van Heusen Franchise Investments: Area requirements, costs, ROI or profit

Van Heusen franchise area requirements is not much. In order to start a franchise outlet or exclusive store, you just need to have 1200 square feet business area. If you have 1500 sq ft business area or more, it will fabulous. If you have a retail space of around 1200 sq feet and more on a High Street or main market, you can easily open a Van Heusen store.

Coming to the money factor, the officials do not provide any information regarding Van Heusen franchise costs, net investments, and ROI, expected payback period of capital and so on. However, we can still make a workable estimate from various resources as well as the franchise requirements of top Indian fashion brands. Roughly, estimated Van Heusen franchise opening cost will be Rs. 30 to 50 lakhs, investment returns, and other information cannot be estimated because it will vary according to your location and business skills. However, please note that this is our estimation. If you are looking for exact figures, you should contact Van Heusen directly at the email address provided below.

Van Heusen Franchise India Investment Details

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Van Heusen Franchise India

Van Heusen Franchise India

Category : Clothing
Area Req : 1500 SQ ft. Sq. Feet
Franchise Outlets :
Investment: Rs. 30 Lac - Rs. 50 Lac

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