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gatistvam Technologies - Franchise

gatistvam Technologies - Franchise
Category : Automotive Investment: Rs. 10 k - Rs. 50 k Less than 10

Gatistvam Technologies Franchise Dear Sir, Gatistvam Technologies is one of the pioneers since the field of GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management solutions in India and has been doing R & D in this field since as early as 2002 when GPS based tracking was thought to be a thing of distant future. With our technology and solution we offer following benefits to your business and operations,

  • §Increase in Productivity
  • §Improvement in Efficiency
  • §Improved Safety
  • §Growth in Business
  • §Higher Profits
  • §Peace of Mind
  • In today's fast changing world it is almost impossible for any business to survive without incorporating new Technologies into their business operations and on next page we will highlight few of the facts that why you should choose Gatistvam Technologies

WHY Gatistvam Technologies IS SAFEST CHOICE WHEN IT COMES TO GPS TRACKING? Below are some of the main factors why Gatistvam Technologies is most likely to succeed where many of Today's other hastily put up Companies (After seeing Gold Rush in GPS Tracking) might fail. 1. Unlike almost all of the VMS (Vehicle Management Solutions) solution providers in India we are not using off the shelf GPS / GSM module with no flexibility what so ever. We have in-house R & D Center, where our Total Solution (Vehicle unit and application) is designed and developed. 2. We have more than 10 years of extensive experience of Designing, Implementing and supporting GPS based Vehicle tracking solutions in the field which must be considered second to none today. 3. We have special strategic alliances with leading cellular operators to provide special support and privileges to our customers thus making it extremely easy and economical for them when it comes to making use of GPRS data link for real time Tracking. 4. Having our own R & D and software development departments we provide customized solutions to meet any customer's specific requirements within shortest possible time frame. We offer unique Sport System WRYS (We Run Your System). This is a unique computerized and digitized after sale service support system to offer high uptime and minimum downtime. Also this premium support system in line with advanced technology has been our core value and major factor behind our success. Model 1 Advance GPS tracker Features

  • vLive location
  • vLive Speed
  • vLive address
  • vLive ignition/or AC’s status
  • vHistory playback on map
  • vDate to date report
  • vKilometer report
  • vIgnition on-off report & mobile alert
  • vOverspeed report & Mobile alert
  • vStoppage report & Mobile alert
  • vGeo-feance report & Mobile alert
  • vCheck report on mobile and computer
  • vPrint Download report

Model 2 Advance GPS tracker + Fuel report All facilities of Model 1 + various Fuel releted information, fuel’s usage info, fuel’s theft possibilities, fuel’s theft place, time etc info could be received on your mobile app (Android/iphone/ipad) or computer. You can also switch off your vehicle through your mobile Benefits of Gatistvam - Vehicle Management System Increased Driver Productivity §Driver can no longer misuse there time. Fuel Saving §Driving with in speed limits increases the fuel efficiency & prevent undue over load on tires. §Over speed alarm is generated on computer or mobile once a vehicle goes beyond speed limits. §Helps to track accurate time of fuel theft with amount fuel stolen §Now prevent your vehicle from the fuel theft by monitoring the fuel Tank at any spate of time Safety of vehicle and Staff / Passenger §we can record the speed of the vehicle. §All over speeding beyond specified limits would be monitored. §This can avoid accidents due to rash driving by the driver. Improved Customer Service §Timely & safe delivery of goods & safe travelling experience of the passengers creates goodwill & ultimately brings in more business. §Owner can monitor each and every move of his vehicle, there by; owner can reduce maintenance cost & improve efficiency. Check of Time Wastage §we records all starting & stopping time of the vehicle & ensure reaching of vehicle at destination ‘ON-TIME’. §Authorized & unauthorized stoppages details can be generated. Reduced Maintenance Cost / Accidental Cost §Driving within specified speed limits will cause less wear of parts and long life of tires, brakes, engine & engine oil. §This reduces the rate of accidents (there by enabling to incur lower accidental cost by 5-15%) & vehicle would remain for less time in the workshop Logically : Device costs nothing rather it will add up to your Sales §A satisfied passenger will never mind to pay a little extra for his/her safety, better services and time saving journey. So in the long run, the cost of device will be recovered from the passengers by increasing the fare by 2-3%. Reduces less chances of Engine getting siege §Helps in the efficiency of engine also increases elongated life of engine. Heat sensor feature helps to intimate driver reaching heating point. Indirectly reduces maintenance cost of vehicle

gatistvam Technologies - Franchise Investment Details

Commenced Dates

Date Commenced Operations 2002
Date Commenced Franchising / Distribution 2005

Franchise Details


Area Investment Franchise/Brand Fee Royalty/Commission
Store Wise Rs. 10 K - 50 K    

Trade Partners Detail (Dealers, Distributors, MBOs, Retailers)

Types of Channels Investment Margin Area Requirement
Agent Rs. 10 K - 50 K 15 - Sq.Ft.

Expansion Locations

West Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan
Center Madhya Pradesh
Union Territories  

Franchise Details (Optional)

Want to expand Nationwide
Exclusive territorial rights to a unit  
Performance guarantee to unit franchisee  
Anticipated percentage return on investment  
Likely pay back period of capital for a unit franchise  
Other investment requirements  

gatistvam Technologies - Franchise Training Details

Detailed operating manuals for franchisees  
Where is franchisee training provided?  
Is field assistance available for franchisee?  
Will someone from Head Office provides assistance to franchisee in opening the franchise?  
What IT systems do you presently have that will be included in the franchise?  

gatistvam Technologies - Franchise Property Details

Type of property required for this franchise opportunity  
Floor area requirement .
Preferred location of unit franchised outlet  

gatistvam Technologies - Franchise Other Details

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How long is the franchise term for? --
Is the term renewable?  
gatistvam Technologies - Franchise

gatistvam Technologies - Franchise

Category : Automotive
Area Req :
Franchise Outlets : Less than 10
Investment: Rs. 10 k - Rs. 50 k

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