Current Top 6 Best Franchise Business Opportunities in India

Are you looking for a lucrative franchise business opportunity? This article would let you know about top 6 best franchise business opportunities in India that you can think of starting to be successful in the franchise business segment.

Latest Franchise Business Opportunities In India 2018


Nowadays, more people want to be their own boss. They continuously keep on searching for a potential franchise business opportunity. They know with a right kind of option there are highest chances of getting success with earning high revenue in a shorter time. The advantages of franchise business are abundant including;

  • You don’t need to spend money in business planning, marketing, advertising this all will be done by parent brand or company.
  • You just need to sell the product and services.
  • You become the part of a well-established business network.
  • You can manage and run business under the guidance of the experienced team.
  • The risk involved in franchise business is low while the chances of success are always high.
  • You can choose a business as per your investment capacity. Also, the investment needed to start a franchise business is always low as compared to other businesses.
  • You need not to worry about product supply and business operations as franchisor help you in everything.

    Top 6 Best Franchise Opportunities

If you are one among who wants to enjoy the freedom of doing business in your own style, can consider the below mentioned brands to be successful with no hassle.

   1.Go Foodiezz

This franchise is owned by Go! Chaatzz & Go Bakezz, the trademarked brands from The Yes India Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd.. The company is serving in a food and beverages business for years and have a strong network across the country with Large Casual Dine In Restaurants, Small Casual Dine In Restaurants, Food Courtz, Go! Chaatzz.Food Courts Kiosk and others. The invesment. Eligibility and returns for all these formats are different. You can checkout with Franchising Times for more information.


EuroKids is ranked one among the top five education brands that caters small kids education segment. The has wide extended network across the country through its different endeavors Playgroup (for kids between the age group of 1.8 to 3 years), Nursery (for kids between the age groups of 2.5 to 4 years), EuroJunior (for kids between the ages of 3.5 to 5 years) and EuroSenior (for kids between the ages of 4.5 to 6 years). It has been established in the year 1997 internationally and initiated its franchise business model for expansion in 2001. If you have 150 -250 Sq.Feet area, you can think of purchasing its franchise with 10 -20 lac investments as per your location.

    3.Affinity Salon

Affinity Salon is one among the top brands who are seeking individuals with significant business experience to strength their presence in beauty salons segment. The brand already has more than 90 outlets across the country that serve customers through a wide range of stylish and luxurious beauty treatment services. It has expanded its network majorly in two segments -Affinity (needs 2500 – 3500 sq ft space) and AffinityExpress (needs 800 – 1500 sq ft space) with 30 lac minimum investments. Shahnaz Hussain, My Glamm, Naturals, and Green Trends Hair and Style Salon are a few other brands that are looking for franchise partners aggressively.

  1. Pink Woman

If young fashion is your area of interest, you can think of becoming a part of Pink Woman Franchise Business network. The brand deals in women clothings and accessories retail and wholesale since 2004 and based in Northern Greece. The franchise requirements include 1Cr -2Cr with 500 Sq. Feet space. Richlook (Investment: 30 Lac – 50 Lac, Space: 800 – 1200 Sq. feet), Bata India Limited (Investment: 30 Lac – 50 Lac, Space: 1000 – 2000 Sq. Feet) and many other brands are also looking for franchise partners to strengthen their footprints pan India.

    5.FNF Autocare India

FNF Autocare came into existence in 1998 as a registered its Top Gear in the year 2000. The brands deals in automobile accessories segment with customized services. The brand has a disntigushed presance and brand positioningin the varied markets including Delhi, NCR and others. Interested proposers need to invest between 20 lac-30 lac with an area of 500-700 Sq.feet.


Kidzee is another name in the Kids education segment. It comes in the list of the Indian smart schools which are advanced and most affordable.You need to invest Rs. 10 lakh minimum with a place of about 300 sq. Feet to be a part of its network.


At last, for picking up the right kind of franchise business for yourself you need to consider the points like brand trust, category of business, location, demand, investment capacity and requirement, your interest, brands expansion plans, breakeven and more. If you have a clear thought about all these points, we ensure you, you will start earning profit ASAP.



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