Ayesha Accessories Franchise Business Opportunity India

Ayesha Accessories Franchise Business Opportunity India


Founded by mother-daughter duo Jacqueline and Ayesha, Ayesha accessories stand for the girl in progress.

Ayesha Accessories is a leading retailer of jewelry, accessories, and clothing items that aim to progress fashion among Indian youth. Founded and fostered by Ayesha Kapur, the leading star in the Bollywood film Black, Ayesha Accessories began in 2010 and now has over 60 stores all throughout India. Interested in providing an outlet for youth all over India, Ayesha Accessories offers many varying types of fashion styles that cater to a wide range of interests. We know that each individual person is a unique and special individual with their own tastes, which is why we continue to evolve with the ever-changing youth culture in India. As time marches forward, so do trends, which is why we painstakingly stay up-to-date on what Indian youth find interesting and important. We want our products to make everyone feel comfortable and confident expressing themselves, hopefully finding their own personal voice through fashion.

We are a vibrant and fast expanding brand. We bring you limited-edition designs that cut through the noise. ayesha is about YOU: your world, your dreams, and your love! Sensational shades, brilliant bags, hip hats, jaw-dropping jewelry and other fun, fantabulous fashion essentials, which make sure they express exactly how YOU feel.

Ayesha Accessories Franchise Business Opportunity India



Ayesha Kapur, the multi-talented 21-year-old founder of the Ayesha brand, first broke onto B-town stage as the girl who delivered a spellbinding performance in the movie ‘Black’ alongside the Big-B himself and won the IIFA best Supporting Actress Award! With performing arts under her belt, she now wants to show what fashion can truly mean for young girls. “A non-Indian accessories brand is simply not enough for me. I like my Indian roots and enjoy mixing it up now and then,” says Ayesha. Ayesha’s personal motto has now become her brand message: ‘Aim for the stars’. As a co-founder of the fashion brand, Ayesha is part of this smart, successful and restless tribe of achievers; one that is trendy and constantly changing. Her approach is simple: “Keep it funky.”



The globetrotting, multi-faceted Jacqueline Kapur dons many hats with practiced ease. An edgy businesswoman, designer, merchandiser, equestrian sportsperson, was born in Germany and moved to Pondicherry in 1989. Jacqueline opened Casablanca, one of India’s first multi-brand department stores.
Jacqueline loves shopping and looking for interesting things in every corner of the world from the Ginza in Japan, Via Della Spiga in Milan to the bylanes of Sarojini Nagar in Delhi. It was Jacquline’s entrepreneurial spirit that found inspiration in her own daughter’s hip style and led her to create a Fashion Mecca for young girls all over. She heads Ayesha accessories and enjoys working with Ayesha Kapur and her team towards building India’s largest fashion accessories brand, bead by bead, store by store.

Ayesha Accessories is a brand that strives to empower the masses. We don’t settle on mediocrity or the standards of society. We aim to inspire greatness, education, and leaders in the community through our brand. We want every person that purchases one of our products to feel like they are a part of something significant which is giving back to the community and starting a worthwhile conversation about fashion. We have products that are designed for both young girls and boys. For boys, we offer a wide variety of varying fashion accessories. These include key rings, wallets, jewelry pieces, and sunglasses. When it comes to girls’ fashion we offer a multitude of options like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories, sunglasses, scarves, headwear, bags, and footwear. Even more, we also offer other accessories to kids in the form of jewelry, hair accessories, bags, hats, and caps. In providing such a vast range of options, we hope to help every person find what they are looking for.

We want to create a presence in the daily lives of all Indian youth. To achieve this, we have made our products available to everyone through our online store, giving all of our customers the opportunity to learn more about us and our values. Pair this with the many shops we have all over India, we are sure we can have a positive influence in the daily lives of all Indian youth. At Ayesha Accessories, we want to help people achieve their ideals and express themselves through fashion. We know there is a certain freedom that comes with being comfortable with oneself, and with Ayesha Accessories we hope we are giving each and every person the chance to find their own voice. Our goal is to help every person set the bar high in every part of their lives, starting with their fashion. Greatness always has a starting point, and we believe that is with us. Aim for the stars and make all of your dreams a reality!


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